The TAG TEAM Model

The TAG TEAM Model –
A Win-Win-Win

The TAG TEAM model is an innovative approach to managing the future of financial advising. TAG TEAMs have a built-in mechanism to develop fresh talent and seamlessly transition advisors, clients and their assets to ensure continuity and peace of mind for everyone involved.

TAG TEAM Wealth Associates are trained and guided by one of Trust Advisory Group’s 100+ seasoned advisors who have been managing their own client relationships for years, sometimes decades, until the time is right for them to hand off the baton. These advisors have built their business on good old-fashioned values, hard work and performance so who better to teach those coming up in the profession the right way to do it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. TAG works with transitioning Advisors to monetize their retirement and plan for the smooth succession of their business.
  2. Transitioning Advisors help select a next generation professional (a TAG Wealth Associate) who will eventually take over their book of business.
  3. TAG Wealth Associates receive hands-on, personal mentoring from transitioning Advisors tailored specifically to their clients.
  4. TAG integrates Wealth Associates into its book acquisition program, purchasing books from established Advisors and financing the transition to the next generation.
  5. TAG Wealth Associates have a built-in book of business and are well-equipped to develop additional clients of their own.

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A Win for TAG Wealth Associates

As a professional entering the financial advisory business, you will be individually mentored by TAG’s current advisors. Not only will you learn what it takes to identify and achieve client goals and learn the fundamentals of sound investment strategies, financial planning and relationship management, you gain a built-in source of client acquisition. Read more about how the TAG TEAM will help you learn the business and provide endless opportunity for growth. Contact us with the form at right or send us your resume.

A Win for TAG Advisors

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We know that you have put a lifetime into building your practice and that your clients aren’t just clients, but friends. Let the TAG TEAM show how we would treat your clients and help you monetize your retirement.

The TAG TEAM enables advisors who are transitioning their business to help select their successor whom they will personally mentor to eventually take over their client relationships. You have worked too hard for your clients to simply turn them over to a stranger. Read more for transitioning advisors here or contact us with the form at right to start the conversation.


A Win for TAG Clients

We know you could manage your own money – you’d just rather be out enjoying life!

Our TAG TEAMs manage our clients’ assets at every stage of life. Whether you are starting your career, starting a family, or starting to think about retirement, your TAG TEAM will provide independent, unbiased advice and financial management. If your current advisor is about to retire, you needn’t worry about who will guide you through the next stages of life; they will have hand-picked a successor who is just the right fit for you. If you’re looking to develop a relationship with a next generation financial advisor, you need look no further than TAG 2.0 Wealth Associates who have been trained by seasoned professionals who ensure all the know-how, wisdom and experience of the old guard is being passed down to the next generation.

Read more about our financial management services here or contact us with the form at right.

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