The TAG TEAM Model

Trust Advisory Group’s TAG TEAM Model

Introducing Trust Advisory Group’s TAG 2.0: an innovative approach to managing the future of financial advising.

TAG 2.0 next-generation financial management offers a built-in mechanism — the proprietary TAG TEAM model — that develops fresh talent and seamlessly transitions senior advisors, their clients and their assets to the next generation to ensure business continuity and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Whether you’re thinking about retiring soon or still have a decade (or more) to work, TAG TEAMs enable you to customize your journey as you transition away from your practice. Under this model, you will personally select your successor from our team of younger TAG-trained wealth associates (or from your own team), mentoring them as you work together to transition client relationships – all on your own timeline.

I am excited to unveil our TAG TEAM model, which I believe is a truly unique approach to helping a growing number of advisors transition their business to the next generation over the next few years. If we can help a retiring advisor transition her book of business to someone she can personally mentor to ensure her clients are in the best possible hands for their future, that gives peace of mind to everyone involved. – Bill McCance, President, Trust Advisory Group, Ltd.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Advisors choose either the Full– or Semi-Retirement Program to begin their retirement journey.
  2. TAG works with Advisors to value their practice, monetize their retirement, and plan the smooth succession of the business and transition to retirement.
  3. Transitioning Advisors help select a next-generation professional (a TAG wealth associate or someone of their own choosing) who will eventually take over their book of business.
  4. TAG-trained wealth associates receive hands-on, personal mentoring from the transitioning Advisors, tailored specifically to their clients.
  5. TAG integrates the wealth associates into its book acquisition program by purchasing books or partial books (depending on the program) from retiring Advisors and financing the transition to the next generation.
  6. TAG wealth associates thereby have built-in books of business and are well-equipped to develop additional clients of their own.

Built-In Succession Planning

State and federal regulators have increased their focus on clients’ best interests. As financial advisors continue to age out of the business, senior advisors must prepare for heightened scrutiny around “best interest” and succession planning. The TAG TEAM model takes care of all business continuity and succession planning requirements and puts you in control of your retirement. Learn more about TAG’s Full- and Semi-Retirement Programs.


We’ll Take Good Care Of Your Clients

We know that you have put a lifetime into building your practice and that your clients aren’t just clients, but friends. The TAG TEAM model reassures clients that:

  • Their interests are protected throughout the transition
  • Their new advisor has the necessary background and knowledge to protect their best financial interest
  • Their advisor shares similar values

We’re committed to learning your processes and maintaining your clients’ comfort levels during the transition phase. We will never change an existing portfolio unless it’s in the client’s best financial interest and we’ve clearly communicated our recommendations and verified the client’s understanding.

At TAG clients are always in control of their money.

The Benefits Of A TAG TEAM

Passing the Relay Baton

  • Provides built-in succession planning
  • Works with the Full– or Semi-Retirement program
  • Provides you the opportunity to mentor your chosen successor
  • Facilitates the transition from your practice on your own timeline, whatever the length
  • Works your clients for you to increase your potential to earn more revenue
  • Allows you to exit your practice profitably at the right time
  • Ensures a seamless transition experience for your clients

Curious How Much Your Book Is Worth?

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