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As you get older, your life changes: Your priorities shift, you get busier and, as you accumulate more wealth, your financial goals and options become more complicated. A financial advisor can save you time and hassle and help protect and grow your assets.

“We know you’re smart enough to do this on your own, you just don’t want to.”
Bill McCance, president and CEO of TAG

But, google “financial advisor” and you will get almost 2 billion results. How do you choose the right one?

The TAG 2.0 Difference

At TAG 2.0, the client comes first, the advisor second and the firm third.


Communicate with TAG on your terms, even by cell phone

Believe it or not, this philosophy is the exception in the industry rather than the rule. But it is embodied in every one of our TAG 2.0 relationships.

Our deep-rooted belief that caring, empathy, support and a personal touch should be the foundation of all client relationships is a throw-back to old-fashioned values. But our approach to planning and managing your finances is anything but.

We use the highest level of technology to combine a tech-enabled experience with customized client service. We communicate on your terms. Everyone’s a little different: some want an entirely online experience, others may prefer to meet face-to-face; some want to text their advisor, others prefer a phone call. It’s up to you.

Our priority is helping you take financial care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk so we can create a customized wealth management regimen. Our advisors are just like you – they have goals and dreams, too, and understand what it takes to help you with yours. It’s the interaction with actual humans that makes us different.

Best of all, we are not beholden to a large Fortune 500 company or behemoth Wall St. firm. We have the knowledge and training to do what’s right and we care enough to do it. TAG TEAMs always act in your best financial interest: if it doesn’t further your goals and objectives, we won’t do it.

Our services include:

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Personalized Financial PlanningCall it a blueprint, a roadmap, or a master plan, a comprehensive financial plan starts with your financial goals and takes a big picture look at your overall financial situation. TAG will work with you to give you a macro view of your money and understand the interplay of your various assets and goals over time.

Money Management & Investing: Whether you are joining TAG as a new client or coming on board as part of a TAG Team, we are committed to demystifying the investment process and keeping you as involved as you’d like to be.

Risk Management & Insurance: A comprehensive risk management plan protects the value of your wealth, handles contingencies, reduces uncertainty and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event of life events: whether expected or not.

Trust and Estate Planning: Planning for what happens to your estate after you die should be an integral aspect of your overall financial management strategy, even if you’re still young and even if you think you don’t yet have anything that resembles an “estate”. TAG requires no minimums and will work with you at whatever stage you currently are.

Inheritance Planning: Inheriting a legacy, whether expected or unexpected, brings with it a certain amount of responsibility. Whether or not you or your family member are current clients of TAG, our Team understands the special nature of inheritance planning and is here to help.

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Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work in office discussing some paperwork.Join with Your Advisor

While every TAG client benefits from our model, clients who come to TAG with their existing advisor gain extra peace of mind. Under the TAG TEAM model, there’s no need to worry about what will happen to your account in the event of something unexpected. And, if your current advisor is about to retire, you needn’t worry about who will guide you through the next stages of life; they will have hand-picked a TAG 2.0 successor who is just the right fit for you, shared with them your financial goals and dreams, and trained them on how exactly you like to be treated.

Join as a New Client

If you’re a new client looking to develop a relationship with a next-generation financial advisor, you need look no further than TAG 2.0 Wealth Associates who have been trained by seasoned professionals who ensure all the know-how, wisdom and experience of the old guard is being passed down to the next generation.

Join TAG with your existing advisor or as a new client. Our level of service and commitment to your financial success is the same.

TAG TEAMS Make the Difference

Passing the Relay BatonThe TAG TEAM model is an innovative approach to managing the future of financial advising by bringing together the drive, creativity and fresh thinking of younger advisors and the deep experience of senior advisors who understand what it takes to succeed in all kinds of market conditions.

Consider this: advisors with less than 10 years of experience have never experienced a down market!

The TAG TEAM model ensures that our next-generation Wealth Associates are mentored and guided by one of TAG’s seasoned advisors who have been managing their own client relationships for years, sometimes decades. These advisors have built their business on good old-fashioned values, hard work and performance, so who better to teach those coming up in the profession the right way to do it? Learn more about the TAG TEAM model.