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TAG 2.0’s Innovative Model

TAG 2.0 was designed explicitly with transitioning advisors in mind and offers a new take on financial advisory services by combining the best of all worlds:

  • The fresh thinking, creativity and enthusiasm of a start-up division
  • The friendly, family atmosphere of a small firm
  • The security and stability of a 30-year-old institution (TAG Group, Inc.)

TAG 2.0 infuses old-world morals and ethics into the next generation of financial advice. Our innovative TAG TEAM model provides a built-in mechanism that develops fresh talent and seamlessly transitions senior advisors, their clients and their assets to the next generation to ensure business continuity and peace of mind for everyone involved. TAG 2.0 is uniquely positioned to not only protect your practice through succession planning, but also to provide those advisors who are closer to retirement with two unique options that provide consistency and peace of mind to your clients, and financial returns to you.

Learn more about TAG 2.0 here or watch our short video.

What’s Next For Your Practice?

We all know the industry is struggling with the lack of younger talent in the pipeline to replace retiring advisors. And many advisors are working well into their 80’s and even 90’s because they lack a plan — a viable “off ramp” — or the time and knowledge to retire the right way. Are you among those advisors wondering:

              • Who will take over my practice?
              • How do I know they will care about my clients as much as I do?
              • How can I monetize my practice and receive a fair price for my book?
              • How can I ensure that my clients, and my family, are well taken care of when I retire?

By operating without a plan, you run the very real risk of regulatory sanctions, possible errors and omissions liability as you age, or the potential financial impact on clients and family should you die unexpectedly.

Without good answers, many advisors feel stuck. TAG 2.0 can help.

From Business Continuity Plans Through Retirement TAG Has You Covered

image showing work life balance

Trust Advisory Group’s TAG 2.0 division has built-in business continuity and succession planning designed to meet advisors where they are today.

Whether you simply want to stay compliant in the face of increased regulatory scrutiny, hope to create a better work/life balance, or have begun to consider full retirement, TAG 2.0 has a program for you.

If you are an independent advisor or registered representative wondering about the future of your business, TAG offers a range of options to help:

  • Maintain compliance with the regulators on succession planning
  • Plan your road to retirement – or semi-retirement
  • Do right by your clients
  • Get the highest value for your book of business

Our Programs:

The Business Continuity and Succession Planning program is appropriate for any stage of your career. This program does not involve selling your book of business; rather, it offers you the peace of mind knowing all your ducks are in a row. Whether it’s to appease the regulators, protect the value of your practice, ensure your clients are well taken care of, or provide for your family and loved ones if the unexpected were to happen, Business Continuity and Succession Planning is just smart business. Learn more about TAG’s Practice Protection Program to stay compliant, fulfill your fiduciary duty to your clients and protect your loved ones.

If you’re not quite ready for full retirement, there is another option: semi-retire. This lifestyle change can create a healthier work/life balance and make work fun again by shedding your least productive clients. TAG’s Semi-Retirement Program allows you to keep your best clients and sell the rest to TAG. You’ll continue to profit from the clients you’ve sold as your TAG TEAM takes over active management. Learn more about this program and free up some of your time to spend with family and friends and enjoy life.

When you’re ready to fully retire, sell your book to TAG and start seriously checking things off your bucket list. We’ll show you how to value a practice and provide you with a planning concept that you can share immediately with your clients — at no cost to you. When you join TAG’s Full Retirement Program, you’ll collaborate with the TAG TEAM who will facilitate a smooth transition to retirement — at your pace. Learn more about retiring with TAG.

The Benefits of Joining TAG

  • No minimum production requirements and no minimum AUM
  • Keep more of what you earn
  • A family atmosphere of like-minded advisors
  • Comprehensive, reliable legal and compliance support
  • Extensive business development support if required
  • An open, innovative platform that offers a wide range of financial products to support your clients’ varying needs

Contact us to learn more and see how we can help you transition to the next phase of your career while still serving the clients who got you where you are today. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Curious How Much Your Book Is Worth?

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