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Financial management is planning for your dreams.

Risk management is making sure nothing gets in the way of achieving those dreams. It is identifying, analyzing and mitigating the uncertainties in life.

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  • What if you were to suffer a stroke?
      • Can you afford the best medical treatment?
  • What if you were involved in an accident and could no longer work?
    • How will you provide for your family?
  • What if you were to suddenly die?
    • Will your children’s college be paid for?
  • What if your business partner were to suddenly die?
    • What will happen to the business and all the value you had built up over the years?

Consider the hardships your family and/or your business would face if any of these scenarios were to play out. How would you pay the mortgage, medical and other bills, car payments, insurance payments or meet other financial obligations?

A comprehensive risk management plan makes sure all your ducks are in a row and protects the value of your wealth, handles contingencies, reduces uncertainty and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the face of life events, whether expected or not.

Our Risk Management Products:

  • Colleagues business woman working together in the officeLife Insurance – Pay off debts (including funeral costs), provide for your kids, protect your business and even supplement your retirement. Above all, don’t leave your heirs with debts they can’t cover.
  • Living Benefit Life Insurance – Accelerate the death benefit of a life insurance policy for a covered chronic, critical or terminal illness while you are still living. Best of all, the funds do not have to be paid back. They can be used for college payments, long term care, and other opportunities in the event of unexpected illness.
  • Health Insurance – Know which options are best for you. With so much uncertainty and confusion in the health care market, it’s good to know someone is there to guide you through. TAG has a variety of options to best fit you and your family.
  • Disability Insurance – Be prepared. Both short- and long-term disability insurance can mean the difference between being able to pay your bills during a limited period or facing potentially large debts.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Consider the case of identical twins with virtually identical portfolios. One day, both twins require the same amount of long-term care, but one has Long Term Care Insurance and the other doesn’t. The difference in the value of their net worth at the end of the day is more than double – a significant difference for their respective families!

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