Trust and
Estate Planning

Leave a Legacy for Your Loved Ones

TAG is committed to helping you protect and grow your assets so you can one day transfer a legacy to your heirs and/or favorite charities.

happiness concept, silhouette of feet of couple sitting on the pier at sunset beachPlanning for what happens to your estate after you die should be an integral aspect of your overall financial management strategy, even if you’re young and even if you think you don’t yet have anything that resembles an “estate”. TAG requires no minimums and will work with you at whatever stage you currently are. Estate planning is most effective when it is a collaborative process and we encourage continued conversations with our clients as your needs and goals evolve over time.

Effective estate planning can:

  • prevent unintended beneficiaries (including the government)
  • protect families with young children
  • spare heirs a big tax bite
  • provide assurance at a difficult time
  • prevent family squabbles by outlining your wishes

As part of the overall estate planning process, we work with clients who are parents or grandparents on establishing and funding a trust for the benefit of their children (or future generations) to avoid unexpected pressure from future potential creditors – including a divorcing spouse.

When additional professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, are necessary, we are happy to work with your existing counsel or would be pleased to introduce you to our vetted network of outside professionals.

The TAG 2.0 Difference

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As part of the overarching TAG philosophy, we are committed to getting to know you, your family and your goals so that we can tailor your plan accordingly. TAG understands that each client situation is unique and that the strategies to transfer and protect wealth are not a one-size-fits-all.

We also understand that an effective estate plan addresses the challenges of family dynamics and often requires special care. If you’re amenable, we will bring the next generation into the discussion to facilitate the smooth transfer of assets when the time comes.

Whether your situation involves a blended or untraditional family or exploring long term care for an individual with a disability, we dive into the details to provide guidance and peace of mind.

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