Our Commitment
to the Community

At TAG We Believe Business Shouldn’t Be All About Work

We are committed to supporting our TAG Teams in charitable, philanthropic and volunteer activities and encourage our Team members to become involved in causes they are passionate about such as financial literacy, environmental causes, hurricane relief, ending hunger, or whatever other causes are close to the hearts of those with whom we work.

Corporate responsibility is in our DNA. The McCance Foundation, a family foundation administered by our president and CEO and his siblings, has a long history of charitable giving. Recently, the Foundation was able to help Winchester Hospital further its dream of providing families of babies in the Special Care Nursery with truly family-centered care. A grant from the Foundation allowed the hospital to install 10 cameras that stream real-time video of babies to their parents and relatives, giving them around-the-clock peace of mind.

We are proud to lease our office space in a building managed by Cummings Properties. Most of the buildings managed by Cummings Properties are actually owned by Cummings Foundation, with 100 percent of all rental profits supporting hundreds of local charities on the North Shore of Boston. This initiative has donated more the $225 million to a diverse group of non-profit organizations in surrounding communities to date. These charities are working to improve the lives of community members through education, healthcare, human services, and social justice programs.

Fighting Climate Change With Carbon Credits

The average American has a carbon footprint of more than 17 tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide gas emissions annually! We are proud to announce that Trust Advisory Group has made a commitment to help reduce carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits to offset all of our business-related travel. Carbon credits counter the impact of greenhouse gas emissions caused by everyday activities by offsetting one tonne of emissions somewhere in the world for each credit purchased. TAG works with the globally recognized non-profit organization Cool Effect, Inc. which finds the best projects around the world that measurably reduce greenhouse gases and directs more than 90% of all contributions to these projects. Importantly, Cool Effects’ projects are 100% additional—which means that the reduction in carbon emissions would not have happened under any other circumstances.  We are proud to do our part to help fight climate change and achieve carbon neutrality. Visit the Cool Effect website to learn how you can do your part, too.

Work With Us

Whether you join TAG with your existing advisor or as a new client on your own, our level of service and commitment to your financial success is the same. Contact us today to get started.