The TAG Full-Retirement

Take Control of Your Retirement

The TAG Full-Retirement Program puts you in control of your retirement with custom plans where:

  • You set the pace,
  • You choose your successor (from our team or yours),
  • You mentor him/her to follow in your footsteps, and
  • You help transition your clients.

Then, you start checking things off your bucket list!

Not only that, you sell your business for fair market value and participate in potential incremental revenue generated by your TAG TEAM! During the transition period through your agreed upon earnout period – designed by you – your TAG TEAM will work hard to increase the revenue from your existing book: We will determine if there are additional products and services your clients could benefit from and we will share that incremental revenue with you!

The TAG TEAM model is specifically designed to develop fresh talent and seamlessly transition advisors, clients and their assets to ensure business continuity and peace of mind for everyone involved. We are committed to learning your methodology to make sure clients are comfortable during the transition phase and we will never make a change to an existing portfolio unless it is in the client’s best financial interest nor without their express consent.

Take control and retire on your terms.


Steps In The TAG Full-Retirement Program

  1.  Sign up for the TAG Practice Protection Program
  2. Sell your book to The Trust Advisory Group
  3. Choose your timeline for fully migrating your accounts (typically 1-3 years)
  4. Choose your successor from our TAG wealth associates (or bring your own) and help mentor them
  5. Choose your desired level of engagement during the transition
  6. Relax knowing that TAG oversees training, compliance, marketing, etc.
  1. Improve the client experience with a dedicated TAG TEAM during the transition
  2. Reach the next generation of clients with TAG 2.0
  3. Financially benefit from the increased value of your book by participating in all incremental revenue generated from your clients by TAG Wealth Associates
  4. Enjoy your freedom and start checking things off your bucket list, knowing your clients are well taken care of

Why Sell Now?

Bull and bear, symbolic beasts of market trends

Waiting for the perfect time to sell your practice may prove costly. As we experience market volatility not seen in over a decade, you might be thinking about what’s happening to the value of your largest asset: your business. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to safeguard the value of your practice so you can remain on course for your own retirement. Retire on top and start your succession plan now.

Call TAG to find out how we can work together to ease some of the strain during uncertain times.

97% of all Financial Advisors say they will create a succession plan… at some point. Advisors cite the biggest obstacle in creating a plan is finding the right partner or successor.

Benefits Of Joining TAG

  • No minimum production requirements and no minimum AUM
  • Keep more of what you earn
  • A family atmosphere of like-minded advisors
  • Comprehensive, reliable legal and compliance support
  • Extensive business development support if required
  • An open, innovative platform that offers a wide range of financial products to support your clients’ varying needs

Contact us to learn more and see how we can help you transition to the next phase of your career while still serving the clients who got you where you are today. Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

Curious How Much Your Book Is Worth?

Fill in the form below for answers to this and any other questions about TAG and the TAG TEAM model. As a first step, we invite you to use the Truelytics Peer Benchmark Calculator to benchmark your firm against others in the industry.

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