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William H. McCance

President and CEO, TAG Group, Inc. 

Bill started his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and has held a variety of positions from specialist clerk to CEO of an independent broker dealer. He has worked for large Fortune 500 wirehouses (Drexel Burnham Lambert, Smith Barney), a large pension consulting firm (Clifford Russell an affiliate of the Frank Russell Company), a captive insurance company with over 5,000 reps (AXA/Equitable), a wholesale insurance company (Hartford Life), an independent broker dealer (Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd) and his own financial services firm.

Currently, Bill serves as the Chairman and President of TAG Group, Inc. a diversified financial services company owning a broker dealer, a Registered Investment Advisor and an insurance GA.  He also serves on a number of volunteer boards and vestries.

Bill’s passion for the industry led directly to the creation of TAG 2.0 and the unique TAG Team model. As he contemplated the statistics that have current financial advisors leaving the industry at a much faster rate than younger ones are joining, he wondered about the industry’s future. What would happen to clients should their advisor either die or decide to retire, and how could current advisors maximize the value of their books of business before it was too late. By bringing a younger generation of advisors on board and pairing them with seasoned advisors considering a career transition, Bill found the solution. His unique and customizable TAG Team model provides the industry with a fool-proof formula to seamlessly transition advisors, their clients and their assets to the next generation of advisor.

Throughout his career, Bill’s goal has been to work with representatives in the financial services industry to help them to achieve their clients’ goals and build successful business models. His extensive experience in the financial service and insurance industry allows him to provide leadership, operational expertise and guidance to others in the industry.

Contact Bill at [email protected] or (781) 933-6100.


John Cadigan

National Sales Manager, TAG 2.0

John has more than 30 years of sales and sales management experience in a variety of roles. He is a recognized leader in the industry, specializing in building distribution strategy and successfully building teams for financial industry start-ups. 

Before joining the Trust Advisory Group, John was instrumental in transforming the boutique investment management firm, Rydex, into the premier provider of non-traditional investments and ETFs by starting its broker/dealer channel and creating one of the industry’s first e-wholesaling platforms, also known as hybrid wholesaling. The firm is now known as Guggenheim. The marketing concept and educational materials he helped develop have now become the industry standard.  John also created a group of retail mutual funds on behalf of Stein Roe Farnham (now known as Columbia Threadneedle), an institutional investment management firm catering to high net worth individuals.

John managed one of the industry’s first bank broker dealer platforms, enhancing the overall revenue of more than 26 client banks, including M&T, Webster, Corestates, Salem Five, Eastern Bank and Peoples Bank, by installing advisors into the branch system and developing a marketing plan for lead generation. He also designed the distribution and marketing strategy for Liberty Financial Co. and created the fee-based mutual fund wrap model. In connection with this, John secured selling agreements with bank brokerage and independent broker/dealers nationally.

 John is considered an industry expert on capital markets, alternative investments, ETF’s and strategy distribution and is often in demand as a keynote speaker for national industry and firm-sponsored conferences and events. He is proud to have shared the stage with Dr. Harry Markowitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his seminal work on Modern Portfolio Theory.

Contact John at [email protected] or (781) 933-6100.


Rebeca Costa

Wealth Associate, TAG 2.0

As a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a master’s degree in Finance, Rebeca’s interest in pursuing a career in the financial industry stems from her deep-rooted desire to help others achieve their financial goals. Prior to joining TAG, she worked as an Associate at State Street and as a Financial Management Technician with the U.S. Army. Rebeca started her career in the life insurance industry but soon realized the she could be of more help to her clients providing holistic financial planning, in addition to insurance planning. TAG provides her with the support and resources of an entire team so she can help her clients live for today and plan for tomorrow.

Rebeca’s focus on client service always puts her clients’ needs first.

Rebeca is a proud member of the U.S. Army National Guard and continues to serve our country in this capacity. She is able to offer services in English and Portuguese.

Contact Rebeca at [email protected] or (781) 933-6100. Connect with Rebeca on LinkedIn.


Greg Killilea

Wealth Associate, TAG 2.0

Greg’s love for people and helping them reach their goals is reflected in his diverse background as a teacher, coach and personal trainer. His experience in special education instilled in Greg a strong desire to help families with special needs plan for a secure future for themselves and their loved ones. As with all of his students and athletes, Greg’s approach to working with his clients is to provide guidance, support and encouragement to help them achieve their financial goals. Greg takes a personal interest in each of his clients and their families and enjoys celebrating their successes with them.

Greg started his career in health and life insurance and has since become well-versed in the full spectrum of financial instruments available to provide his clients with holistic financial planning. An ex-lineman in Football, Greg’s specialty is “protection”: be it for your health, wealth or family legacy, Greg will make sure it is protected.

Greg and his wife Michelle have a wonderful baby daughter and they enjoy going for walks together. An avid tinkerer, Greg likes to fix/build computers, work on his car, and take apart knots for fun. In his downtime, Greg can be found watching the Food Network to learn how to cook and where to eat.

Contact Greg at [email protected] or (781) 933-6100. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn.


Adam Willis

Wealth Associate, TAG 2.0

Prior to joining TAG, Adam enjoyed a variety of career experiences which included U.S. Senate campaigning, case management within an underserved population of the American southwest, and most recently, working as an analyst intern in the private equity space.

Adam received a B.S. in Resource Economics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. During his studies, he researched the landmark trade development project, the Belt and Road Initiative, examining trade expansion throughout Eurasia.  Adam was a member of the UMass Resource Economics Society and now serves on Trust Advisory Group’s in-house Investment Committee.

Adam has travelled extensively throughout the U.S and abroad.  He is a Level I candidate in the CFA program.

Contact Adam at [email protected] or (781) 933-6100. Connect with Adam on LinkedIn.

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