Reminder: Important- StoneX CAT/CAIS Reporting

Important Information Regarding CAT/CAIS Reporting As you know - CAT/CAIS reporting for the “Deferred” reporting members goes live on Monday Morning. In order for ALL equities/options to be reported properly, you will need to cancel any GTC orders that were entered on eCustody before Market Close on Friday night (12/10/2021). They can then be reentered on StoneX Advisor on Monday morning (12/13/2021). This would be a good time to review the open orders to verify these are good orders and cancel orders that are away from the market. To pull the list of open orders on StoneX Advisor, you can go to: REPORTS / Asset Reports / Order Inquiry. If the “Entered By” field has the old eCustody user id (MPID_xxxx) it was entered on eCustody and needs to cancelled/reentered. Filter by TIF in order to display GTC orders Before Monday (12/13/2021) please be sure to verify all of your Apps on “Launch Pad” on eCustody are available in the Partners tab on StoneX Advisor. Verify you have access to the same permissions you have on eCustody, and (if you have order entry) please verify you have it on StoneX Advisor as well. Trust Advisory Group, Ltd. & Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd. | 444 Washington Street, Suite 407, Woburn, MA 01801 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | About Constant Contact Sent by [email protected] in collaboration with Try email marketing for free today!