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Updates and News May 2021 Due Diligence Desk This notification is published on a quarterly basis, and reviews investment strategies and opportunities for your clients. The content summarizes current, prior, and future programs. Further information for offerings may be obtained by contacting either Kyle Kadish - 781.750.8042 or the contact listed for each sponsor. Please remember that this information is for Broker/Dealer use only. Portfolio Diversification Last quarter, we highlighted multiple asset sectors that we can utilize in portfolio construction to enhance investors' diversification. As portfolio construction continues to evolve, other factors are being explored and employed in creating an efficient portfolio. An investment's structure should play a critical role in determining the suitability and best interest; one structure might be more beneficial based on underlying securities, access, or fees. Liquidity can also play a significant component when reviewing investment opportunities; illiquid investments often generate a return premium over their liquid counterparts and generally have a higher probability outcome. News and Product Information Currently Available Tasty Brands II, LP Tasty Brands II, LP capitalizes on the chain restaurant industry's consolidation by acquiring and improving operations of quick-service restaurants. The Reg D fund concentrates on well-established and managed franchises with limited menus, fast service, and convenient takeout locations. Tasty II currently has a 22-unit Dunkin' franchise agreement under contract. The program looks to create value by increasing new units and add-on acquisitions of other franchisees, generating new sales, and adding operational efficiencies. Tasty also looks to reduce costs by optimizing staffing levels, training management, and curtailing expenses. Early investors receive Founder's Shares with a higher return. Contact Aliex Parker at 703.795.7899 Under Review NexPoint VineBrook Homes Trust, Inc. (VineBrook) is a Reg D REIT providing investors access to Single-family Rental (SFR) homes. SFR represents a needs-based, defensive asset class. VineBrook is looking to capitalize on a substantial supply and demand imbalance with fundamentally mispriced assets, creating significant growth opportunities and stable current income. The current portfolio represents over 13,000 SFR homes across 19 markets located throughout the Midwest and Southeastern US, intending to create a liquidity event in the next 18-24 months. This offering is for accredited investors only but has an investment minimum of only $5,000. Contact Scott Belval at 781.248.8228 Strategic Data Center Fund The surge in online platforms and virtual environments has highlighted data center real estate's essential nature through the past year. These buildings continue to serve as the backbone to our increasingly "connected" lives, so it's no wonder why data centers have been among the top-performing sectors in commercial real estate throughout the past year. Through a seasoned management team with over $32 billion in transaction experience, Strategic Data Center Fund helps investors diversify their portfolios with exclusive access to these essential data center assets. Contact Andrew Eisen at 949.774.9476 InvestX Launched in 2014, InvestX, a pioneer in the pre-IPO asset class, took advantage of the changing securities regulations to provide the $30 trillion-dollar wealth management industry with access, liquidity, and innovation to the growth equity asset class. InvestX empowers broker-dealers and advisors with a marketplace, technology, and insights for investing and trading in institutional-quality private equity. Prior companies offered through InvestX include Instacart, Airbnb, Impossible, Spotify, and Uber. Contact Kent Elwell Sovereign Partners Sovereign Partners began taking on outside investors in 2002, syndicating 25 funds deal by deal, then launched Private Placement Funds for RIAs & IBDs in 2018. The Sakhai family and legacy friends/family investors are significant investors in the Funds and investors in purchases pari-passu to the Fund(s). As a vertically integrated real estate operator, Sovereign invests throughout the capital stack with two strategies: (i) Flagship's high-quality, multi-tenant office and (ii) Diversified distressed debt/opportunistic equity. Since the 1980s, our Co-Founders have increased their investment activity through the last five recessions as high-quality assets begin to trade at steep discounts. Please contact Jeff Young at 720.371.0688 e2comply e2comply creates electricity micro-grids offered to mission-critical businesses to provide reliable power. The e2 solution provides automated capacity and resiliency, lessening dependence on the grid all while saving money. Power generation and monitoring systems are in place in the US and Canada. Specifically, the e2comply system monitors and shifts power generation from the power company to a micro-grid during peak power usage periods, creating a more sustainable power generation for its end users. The company is issuing bonds with 3-year and 5-year maturities. Please contact Flanker Legler at 407-461-3288 or Ed Ducett at 708-927-3577. For Internal Use Only Trust Advisory Group, Ltd. & AGES Financial Services, Ltd. | 444 Washington Street, Suite 407, Woburn, MA 01801 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | Constant Contact Data Notice Sent by [email protected] powered by Try email marketing for free today!