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Why We Created TAG 2.0

From fintech to block chain to crypto currency, the financial industry is being reinvented every day. We think it’s time the financial management business was reinvented, too. That’s why we created TAG 2.0.

A male mountain bike rider does a back flip off a jump at the end of the day.At TAG 2.0, the client comes first, the advisor second, and the firm third.

Our deep-rooted belief that caring, empathy, and a personal touch should be the foundation of all client relationships is a throw-back to old-fashioned values. But our approach to planning and managing your finances is anything but.

We use the highest level of technology to combine a tech-enabled experience with customized client service. We communicate on your terms: face-to-face, online, text, phone – your choice. Best of all, we are not beholden to a large Fortune 500 company or behemoth Wall St. firm. If it’s not in your best financial interest, we won’t do it.

The TAG TEAM Model is an innovative approach to managing the future of financial advising, bringing together the fresh-thinking of the next generation of financial advisors with the deep-rooted experience of seasoned experts, all backed by the stability and security of a 30-year-old firm.

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For Clients

Unlike other financial management firms, TAG 2.0 has no minimum size requirements when opening an account.

Not everyone has a million-dollar portfolio – yet. We don’t just cater to the already-wealthy. We take the time to focus on where you are now, believe in your future growth and look forward to working with you to get you where you want to be.

Isn’t it time to be proactive in managing your finances? Learn more about our approach to financial management.

How we can help:

For Advisors

Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work in office discussing some paperwork.

You have spent your entire career building your practice and putting in the hard work required to develop your client base. But now, you might be starting to think about scaling back or even about retiring altogether. If so, these questions have probably crossed your mind:

  • How do I create Business Continuity or Succession Plan?
  • Will I get a fair price for my book?
  • Who will take over my practice?
  • How can I ensure my clients will be well taken care of?

A fully customizable retirement journey with TAG answers all of your questions and takes care of all the details. Watch our brief video and learn more about the TAG TEAM solution here.

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