Is Law a Better Swordsman than Zoro

King is the strongest of the three Beast Pirates All-Stars and an incredibly powerful fighter. Although King is not a traditional swordsman, he uses a sword in battle, as he sees when he confronts Zoro on Onigahma. While Rayleigh hasn`t had a chance to demonstrate his skills or strength, fans know he can at least stand up to an admiral. Whether or not he can defeat one is another matter entirely, although it is certainly possible that he may have done so in his youth. Rayleigh may be even better than it sounds, but the fact is, not much is known about his power. Roronoa Zoro is the iconic swordsman of the anime, but there are plenty of characters from One Piece who can compete with the pirate Straw Hat with a Blade. So far, it`s impossible to tell if someone like Shiryu is actually stronger than a Yonko, but for now, it`s best to assume he`s not. It all depends on when the Straw Hats finally fight Blackbeard`s pirates, but it`s doubtful that Shiryu will be Zoro`s last opponent, as it would likely make him stronger than Mihawk. It seems unlikely that a pirate has surpassed Roger`s strength, the only one who could have done so is Whitebeard. Since Mihawk`s title as the strongest swordsman in the world is only known after Roger`s death, fans can`t really know for sure who would win in a battle between these two pirates. It is possible that Mihawk has more abilities, but Roger is simply stronger. Mihawk outclassed Zoro when the two fought over Baratie, and even now, he is superior to the straw hat swordsman in terms of skill. On the Sabaody archipelago, Rayleigh fought Kizaru and hit him in battle and even wounded him during the battle.

Rayleigh is much stronger than Zoro right now. It`s strange that Law is stronger than Zoro, but for now, Law certainly surpasses him. Like many of the characters on this list, Shanks is not a traditional swordsman and he doesn`t seem familiar with a blade like Mihawk, but is believed to be stronger than Mihawk. Shanks is probably way above Zoro`s level. Of all the characters still alive in One Piece, Dracule Mihawk is undoubtedly the strongest swordsman in the world. After all, he holds the title. Vista was the commander of the fifth division of Whitebeard`s Pirates and was considered the best swordsman in Whitebeard`s crew. In the Marineford arc, fans showed off his skills and he proved strong enough to fight Dracule Mihawk and finish the fight with a draw.

Law`s fencing isn`t as skillful as someone like Zoro, and it`s more likely to be used as a useful tool when used with its fruit op-op, one of the best fruits of the devil for fighting in one piece. His strength has come a long way in the series, allowing him to perform admirably against the Yonko and even topple Big Mom with the help of Eustass Kid. Big Mom is a character who is not really known for his sword wielding, but always wields a sword in battle. So, technically, it matters. The man who was considered Dracule Mihawk`s rival, many fans insist that Shanks is stronger than Mihawk, but Shanks does not have the title that Mihawk possesses. Trafalgar Law, one of the worst generations, is a fairly skilled fighter, but just like King, he is not a traditional swordsman. Nevertheless, Law uses a sword in battle and uses it with the powers of Ope Ope no Mi. As we approach the final episode of One Piece, it`s natural to reflect on all the trials and advances the characters have made along their journey. Roronoa Zoro is a key facet of this story, and he aspires to become the strongest swordsman in the world. Through his eyes, fans often see some of the toughest blade masters.

He hasn`t reached his title yet, but who are One Piece`s strongest swordsmen so far? Law is not and never has been a pure swordsman. He uses his sword to increase his DF power, but in terms of pure sword skills, he lags behind. Fujitora`s general skills with a blade, although not the largest, are enough to make him one of the best swordsmen in history. Currently, he is much stronger than Roronoa Zoro. As the title suggests, who is a better swordsman Zoro or Law. For the sake of argument, Law does not use his DF as it would be too useful against Zoro. While Roger had never been known for his sword handling before, it became clear in Oden`s flashbacks that Roger is an experienced swordsman. Inuarashi, one of the two kings of the Duchy of Mokomo, is an incredibly powerful swordsman whose skills were on par with Ashura Doji when the two fought on Mount Atamayama. Ashura, who is strong enough to hurt Jack easily, puts Inuarashi`s strength into perspective. Shanks, one of the Yonko, is an incredibly strong character and a skilled swordsman.

He is a powerful user of Haki, whom even people like Whitebeard praised when the two met. Zoro is the main swordsman of the Straw Hat and the man who wants to be the strongest swordsman in the world. While it has certainly come a long way, it still has a long way to go. Purely as a swordsman, I should give it to Zoro. He has been trained by the greatest in the world and swords are his main weapon. I have no doubt that Law can work with a sword, but I have the impression that he uses it primarily as an extension of his devil`s fruit abilities. The chief of the Akazaya Nine, Kin`emon, is one of the strongest swordsmen in Wano country. A skilled samurai, Kin`emon is strong enough to use Ryou, who can even heal Kaido, one of the yonko of the sea. Kin`emon injured Kaido along with three other Akazaya members to the point where he began bleeding from the scar Oden had given him.

Over time, Zoro has become one of Luffy`s most loyal disciples and he uses his sword to protect his back at all times. Over the years, Zoro has faced countless powerful enemies in One Piece, who can be described as his rivals, while others are waiting to face him as the story draws to a close. Shiryu`s skills and strength have not been demonstrated much, but it is clear that he will be one of the main crew members of the Blackbeard pirates and probably an opponent for Zoro in the future. Edit: Law without his DF is almost like Luffy without his DF. Sure, his punches will always be strong and he has great reflexes coupled with combat genius skills, but in the end, you take away Luffy`s greatest and most used power. Law has lived and worked with his DF for 16 years and depends heavily on him. Oden was undoubtedly one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece. It is not surprising that a samurai from the land of Wano is one of the greats. In addition, Inuarashi can also use his sulong form, which definitely makes him one of the strongest people in history. Inuarashi managed to defeat Jack, although he was badly injured by Kaido.

Shiryu is the leader of the second ship of the Blackbeard Pirates and he seems to be the second strongest person in the propeller so far. As a former Impel Down prison guard, he was on par with Magellan before the time jump, although he feared it very much. Dracule Mihawk is Zoro`s greatest rival and holds the title of the strongest swordsman in the world. Mihawk is extremely skilled with the blade and his sword fighting is described as very aesthetic. He is also extremely good at using Haki as he taught Zoro how to use it. Big Mom was eventually outdone in one of the best fights in One Piece`s Wano arc, defeated by the combined efforts of Law and Kid. Over time, it seems that these hackers could eventually overtake her in individual strength. Although Big Mom did not show exceptional skills with her blade, she undoubtedly earned her Yonko title thanks to her sheer strength and deserves to be recognized as one of the strongest wielders of the sword.

Shiryu wields a blade named Raiu, known to have bathed in the blood of many victims. In addition, he is also the current user of the Suke Suke no Mi, which makes him one of the most annoying opponents for anyone, including Zoro. Oden doesn`t have too much stuff, except to be quickly blown away by Rogers Haki and show an incredible solo performance against Kaido. But with that, Oden works as a good measurement system to show how big the gap is between someone like Roger and Kaido. Shanks is no longer considered a worthy rival of Mihawk, as Shanks has lost his arm. This could be an excuse for Mihawk not to fight Shanks given their camaraderie, but at the same time, fans know that Mihawk appreciates the opportunity to test his limits. That being said, Shanks is undoubtedly still one of the strongest swordsmen in the One Piece world and is probably above the other Yonko in strength. Mihawk, a member of the powerful warlords, has already proven his talent and strength in the first One Piece saga. In fact, some of the characters who spoke of his strength theorized that he possessed a devil`s fruit, they could not believe that he was so monstrously strong.

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