Cyber Security Update from Schwab

Your client's assets are safe. Some Important Information From Schwab We know that your clients turn to you for assurance, especially in uncertain times. To help you respond to client inquiries, we wanted to provide this list of resources outlining our asset safety and cybersecurity protections, as well as links to help you protect your clients and firm from cyber and fraud risk. Helping your clients: The Client Learning Center has a dedicated online security section designed for clients of advisors. It outlines the security measures Schwab takes to protect client data and accounts, along with steps clients can take to guard against fraud. You can white label our Fraud Prevention Checklist—add your firm name to this piece and use it with your clients and prospects. How client assets are protected at Schwab provides an overview of Schwab’s asset safety and insurance policies. We want your clients to have the highest level of confidence with their assets at Schwab. They may read how their assets are protected by the Schwab Security Guarantee. SchwabSafe® is a great resource for clients that describes our culture of risk management, as well as practices investors can employ to avoid fraud. We know that clients can find cybersecurity overwhelming. To help them focus, you can provide our “Tips for Preventing Fraud” to show clients how they can take action to help Schwab and your firm protect them.  Protecting your firm: Please bookmark our Cybersecurity Resource Center. This is your one-stop, comprehensive resource for all information regarding cybersecurity and fraud prevention. Fraudsters employ multiple tactics to try to access investors’ assets. Our Fraud Encyclopedia will help you understand the differences in their schemes and what you can do to protect your firm and clients. Every financial services firm faces operational risks in running its business—including cybercrime. To proactively manage these risks and protect clients consistent with fiduciary and other obligations, insurance coverage is vital to a firm’s risk management strategy. Please visit our Advisor Insurance site for a list of third-party insurance providers, answers to frequently asked questions, and educational information about insurance. Trust Advisory Group, Ltd. & AGES Financial Services, Ltd. | 444 Washington Street, Suite 407, Woburn, MA 01801 Unsubscribe [email protected] Update Profile | About Constant Contact Sent by [email protected] in collaboration with Try email marketing for free today!