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Infrastructure Investing

Imagine if your child came home with a report card full of Cs and Ds. You might be a little concerned! But that’s exactly what our country’s infrastructure has “earned.” A new bill moving through Congress has, if passed, earmarked trillions of dollars to shore up this infrastructure which could present a range of opportunities for investors. Improvements and repairs in areas such as roads, dams, bridges, broadband and water, means companies directly or indirectly involved in these areas could see significant impact. This month, we focus on why incorporating investments in our country’s infrastructure might make good strategic sense for your long-term financial goals.

Infrastructure Investing

It’s Never Too Soon to Hire a Financial Advisor

Many people think they need to be a millionaire to hire a financial advisor. Guess what. You don’t necessarily have to! 

Few people wake up one morning and think, “Hmm. I should hire a financial advisor.” It’s often a life event—like a new job, marriage, the birth of a child, an inheritance—that propels them to seek advice. 

It might feel counterintuitive to think about paying for financial management at this stage of your life but think of it as making a solid investment in your financial future. There’s an old saying “mighty oaks from little acorns grow” which is a perfect analogy here. Why wait to start planning? The sooner you start, the longer your oak has to mature. 

Lay the Financial Foundation for Your Future Now

Financial planning is about so much more...

Be Prepared – They’re Watching You

While most advisors recognize the value of developing and implementing a business continuity and succession plan, fewer than 30% of advisors have a formally documented plan in place and the regulators are starting to take notice.

It’s akin to the plumber’s own pipes leaking — or the shoemaker’s kids going barefoot. Just as sticking buckets under the leaks or telling the kids to wear flip flops isn’t a viable long-term solution, neither is ignoring the inevitable time when you’re ready to step away from your practice to relax and explore other pursuits. Or worse: when you’re forced to do so for some unforeseen reason.

And yet many advisors are in denial about their own retirement and choose not to address succession planning. In the eyes of regulators that constitutes serious negligence of their fiduciary duties.

Who are you? Are you the plumber or the shoemaker - so focused on your clients that you’ve neglected to plan for your own future? If so, that’s a...