Wd Pa Local Rules

Preliminary Federal Bankruptcy Procedure Rules under the Small Business Reorganization Act, 2019 (SBRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Assistance and Economic Security Act, 2020 (“CARES Act”) Alphabetical list of local rules, forms and orders by theme Credit Card Information Policy Please note that the Office of the Registrar does not respond to inquiries regarding payments by credit card for electronic deposits. It is the applicant`s responsibility to maintain records and information on credit card transactions related to electronic deposits. The court registry will not consult the financial records of the court at the request of the plaintiffs to determine specific information about credit card payments, such as the case that was filed, the file number assigned, the identity of the parties/customers, etc. All this information is provided by the applicant by electronic receipt at the time of electronic filing, and additional information is provided by electronic notification when a new case is dealt with and opened. Request for reimbursement of fees paid electronically through Pay.Gov policies and procedures – Effective 02/2022Credit Card Return Instructions and Refund FormMandatory E-Filing – Standing OrderPDF functionality for public applicants in NexGen CM/ECF Submit comments or suggestions to the Standing Committee on Local Rules.

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