Nota Legal Do Estado De Goias

July DrawDrawDraw are monthly. The next one will take place on July 29. You only need to register if you do not have the record in the Goiana note. To count the points, simply ask for the CPF in the note. If R$100 Reais is added to purchases, the participant is entitled to an electronic coupon. Many car owners do not know it yet, but in Goiás, the habit of informing the CPF in the invoice at the time of purchase of a product or service can guarantee a reduction of 5% to 10% on the amount to be paid in the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA). Currently, more than 670,000 taxpayers are enrolled in the state government`s Nota Fiscal Goiana program. In an interview with TBC2, state tax auditor Aubirlan Vitoi said that more than 670,000 taxpayers are enrolled in the Goiana Invoice program; The goal is to create the habit of asking for the bill in the run-up to Christmas, the consumer can take advantage of the purchases to ensure a reduction of up to 10% in the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) 2022. Since November 1, the instructions of the Goiana billing program for calculating the tax discount are already in effect. Thus, those who request CPF on the note always have the opportunity to get discounts of 5% to 10% on the tax. “More important than the refund is that we want to disclose the social importance of the tax. When citizens stop shaming the bill, they cooperate with the circumvention and the resulting lack of resources for services such as health, education, sanitation and others,” said Economy Minister Cristiane Schmidt. “This period is a good opportunity for those who go shopping at Christmas to get the score for the discount.

Points are collected automatically, just ask for the CPF in the invoice,” explained Leonardo Vieira de Paula, coordinator of the program. Another advantage of the Goiana billing program is that the participant also receives a discount on the value of the IPVA of between 5% and 10%, in proportion to the value of the accumulated invoices. And it also helps the Goiano of the Heart team win quarterly awards. He pointed out that the reduction is 10% per CPF. This way, if the person has more than one autonomous vehicle connected to this CPF, they will have a discount on more than one vehicle. The habit of asking for the bill is an advantage for the poorest and middle-class families, he concluded. He added that the program already offers benefits of nearly 8 million reais today. Last year, 408,000 vehicles were discounted on IPVA, and the suggestion is to attract as many people as possible.

According to the tax inspector, when the taxpayer requests the invoice, regardless of the amount, every R$100.00 of acquisitions adds one point. From 12 points, you are entitled to the minimum reduction of IPVA, which is 5%. This reduction is increased every 75 points, with an increase of one percentage point, and can reach the limit of 10%. He said the bill`s request does not add value to the product and helps increase state revenues so that services can be offered to the population in the areas of health (especially now during the pandemic), public safety, infrastructure and education. To note, simply ask to include the CPF in the invoice for each purchase you make. Each R$ 100 Reais of purchase amounts accumulated in cpf is equivalent to 1 point/ticket for the IPVA discount. To achieve the maximum discount of 10%, more than 375 points/tickets are required. The minimum discount of 5% is possible from the collection of 12 tickets/points. According to Aubirlan, acquisitions with CPF in the invoice for the period from November 2019 to October 2020 are calculated for the calculation of the 2021 API. “As this is a program that we want to make permanent, the November acquisitions of this year will not be included in the 2021 APPI, but will already be part of the calculation of the 2022 API,” he explained. Since November 1, the instructions of the Goiana billing program for calculating the tax discount are already in effect.

To register for the program, simply visit the website of the Economic Secretariat (www.economia.go.gov.br), click on the Goiana billing program logo and provide data that identifies the taxpayer. The system automatically searches for all invoices on which the CPF has been informed in purchases over the last 12 months and converts the rebate into the IPVA. Data from the coordination of the program show that of the 158 taken into account in the draw of the 22nd of last month, 52 received a payment from the Economic Secretariat. “To obtain, you have to access the www.economia.go.gov.br/nfgoiana-Programms`s website and provide bank details,” says Note Goiana coordinator Leonardo Vieira de Paula.

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