New York State Legal Forms

Rules of the Court www.llrx.com/courtrules/ This website contains links to over 700 sources of court rules, forms and protocols nationally. You can search for the resource you need or search by keywords. Securities Act Forms www.law.uc.edu/CCL/33forms/index.html Selected Forms required by the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. If the deceased did not have much property, you can ask the court to have his property divided among people who have a legal right of succession. TaxACT to allow taxpayers to electronically prepare and file their federal tax returns completely free of charge with a nominal fee of $14.99 for filing the state income tax return. Owned by West Group, Legal List www.lcp.com/The-Legal-List/ Now brings together the most respected legal instruments in a powerful integrated resource system. Choose a legal topic. Follow the links to the forms you need. Social Security Forms www.law.cornell.edu/topics/social_security.html On this page, the user can search for a Social Security form.

The Office of Court Administration website www.courts.state.ny.us/ NYS court rules, procedures, forms, and schedules. Findlaw Internet Legal Resources www.findlaw.com/ With the New York Law Journal, this is a great place to start. Includes a wide range of legal topics, including links to information that falls under the categories CLE, law firm and practice, software and technology, experts, cases and codes, federal and state resources, and forms. Also a wide choice for a variety of business information. Legal and Business Forms www.lectlaw.com/form.html An extensive collection of law-related forms covering general areas of practice such as real estate, corporations, employment law, contracts, trusts and wills, and legal practice (including lawyer management, litigation and related matters). Attorneys Toolbox www.mother.com/~randy/tools.html general purpose website that provides information about: opposing attorneys; Expert; looking for a local court reporter or litigation support service; Industry; Legal terminology; state or federal court address and telephone numbers; how to conduct legal research on the Internet; family law resources, legal publications (newspapers); Online family allowance calculator by state, legal forms by state. Government Printing Office www.access.gpo.gov/ U.S. Government Printing Office website that lists all government publications and purchase orders. Common business forms www.lectlaw.com//formb.htm Provide examples of common business forms. Search the Internet for legal information lawcrawler.lp.findlaw.com/ search engine for cases and codes, federal forms, district and banking court forms, legal entities, federal and state government information, attorneys and legal associations, news and media, and CLE documents. This website contains important government resources.

Section 17-A may make a person a guardian even if the person reaches the age of 18. You can use the free and simple DIY program for guardianship application in Article 17-A to fill out the forms you need to start the 17-A guardianship procedure. If you need help with immigration matters, visit immi.org, an online tool that helps immigrants to the United States understand their legal options. This program creates a letter and instructions. This letter indicates that you do not agree with AV`s rating decision on your application and that you wish to appeal the decision to the Veterans Appeal Board. This interactive interview will help you complete an affidavit of voluntary administration. You can use this form to divide the property of a deceased person. You can only use this form if the deceased owned property worth less than $30,000.

Landlord Non-Payment Eviction Application and Written Rent Claim Program This simple, free program creates documents to help you tell a judge why you missed your hearing date or didn`t respond to a complaint. This program will help you request a fair hearing and prepare your case. 6. Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Madison, Otsego, Schuyler, Tioga and Tompkins County Judicial District This package helps the service member write a sample letter to landlord explaining the protections provided by the SCRA At the end of the program, you can print the form and submission instructions.

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