National Legal Advocacy Network

NLAN seeks to support the movement for economic, racial and gender justice by building the movement`s experienced, principled base of advocates across the country. Partner with work centres to implement hybrid legal and organizational strategies that empower workers; Management and coordination of strategic litigation; and providing legal analysis of legislative policy. The National Legal Advocacy Network (NLAN) is a nonprofit legal organization dedicated to using legal strategies as a tool to empower marginalized workers and bring about systemic change through close partnerships with worker centers and other local construction organizations. NLAN is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to improving the capacity and sustainability of worker centers through movement-oriented lawyers, worker center support, and strategic litigation. To do this, NLAN: What is the National Legal Advocacy Network (NLAN)? Are you ready to take the next step? You can contribute to our cause and work with us for employee justice. Please contact community@namati.org to report outdated information or ask a question about this profile. Learn about the mission of our organization and the great work and experience of our employees.

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