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The firm offers specialized and affordable legal advice that can be tailored to the needs of all clients. Bill is a past president of the Downs and South West District Law Association and strongly supports and is a sign of the Code of Conduct, which aims to ensure ethical legal services in accordance with the Australian Lawyers Code of Conduct. The Legend Munro-class cutter (WMSL 755) arrived from her home port of Alameda on 8 August for a month-long deployment to the Western Pacific region. The crew operates in support of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, which oversees military operations in the region. Under the tactical control of the commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet, the cutter crew plans professional exchanges and capacity-building exercises with partners and allies, and will patrol and operate as directed. “Forward-deployed naval forces integrate regularly and seamlessly as a naval force with a proud heritage of joint service and combat,” said Vice Admiral Karl Thomas, commander of the U.S. 7th Fleet. “It is a fitting nod to this legacy that Munro joins us after celebrating the 231st anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard on August 4.” The Coast Guard`s deployment to the Indo-Pacific theatre is consistent with the integrated naval power of all areas of the Naval Service and increases the traditional influence of naval power on a regional scale. “The U.S.

Coast Guard`s unique powers, capabilities and missions allow us to work with partners around the world on maritime security,” said Vice Admiral Michael F. McAllister, Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander. “A strengthened presence across the Indo-Pacific strengthens our alliances and partnerships through increased interoperability, which will improve regional stability, foster a rules-based order, and improve maritime governance and security in the region and globally.” Coast Guard forces provide expertise in search and rescue missions. illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; response to the marine environment; marine security; and humanitarian and disaster relief. Deployable Coast Guards, port security units and forward interdiction teams are also capable of reinforcing naval operations in theatre. As a federal law enforcement agency and armed forces, the Coast Guard is uniquely positioned to conduct defensive and security operations in support of combat commanders on all seven continents. The service regularly provides forces in joint military operations around the world, including the use of deployable cutters, boats, aircraft and special forces. The U.S. Coast Guard has played an ongoing role in the Indo-Pacific for 150 years. The continued deployment of resources to the region directly supports U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives in the Indo-Pacific Strategy and the National Security Strategy. Munro entered service in 2017 and is one of four Coast Guard Legend-class national security cutters stationed in Alameda.

The national security cutters are 418 feet long, 54 feet wide and have a displacement of 4,600 tons. They have a top speed of over 28 knots, a range of 12,000 nautical miles, endurance of up to 90 days and can accommodate a crew of up to 170 people. Munro is the second cutter to be built after the Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro, the only Coast Guard to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. National security cutters have advanced command and control capabilities, air support facilities, a boat launch, and increased endurance for long-range patrols to prevent national security threats further offshore. Since 2018, three other Coast Guards – Bertholf, Stratton and Waesche – have been operating in the Western Pacific. We pride ourselves on providing accessible and affordable legal advice that can be tailored to the needs of all our clients. James was twice elected Kitsap County District Attorney. He also served several terms as president of the County Bar Association. In the early 1970s, he founded the Kitsap County Public Defender`s Office, which provides legal defense to indigents.

During his career, he has argued and won three precedents before the Washington State Supreme Court. James Munro died on July 7, 1993. He was diligent and active until his death. Many people will tell you they want to die “with my boots on,” and Jimmy certainly did. He was driving his lawnmower when the gear lever broke backwards and he and the lawnmower crashed down the bank and down the hill. He was a loving, understanding, tenacious and compassionate man; A proud soldier and a lifelong “public citizen”. Often described as an “old advocate and orator,” James cited the Bible or Shakespeare, bringing historical perspective to many cases. He also spent many hours “pro bono,” defending local neighbors and friends who he felt deserved legal assistance, whether they had the money or not. Munro Legal is a local, accessible and specialized legal service. Director Bill Munro has been working in Toowoomba and surrounding areas for nearly 20 years and prides himself on staying close to his community and customers. James expected to return to his unit and “go down Wilhelmstrasse” to Berlin, but he could no longer use his arm and was sent to New York on a transport ship.

There he learned that a large nerve had been severed and the extremities had died. He couldn`t use his “trigger finger.” Becca Kenna-Schenk, Director of Government and Academic Relations, Western Washington University After Pearl Harbor, Jimmy was eager to serve his country. He sat on the editorial board and took this task very seriously. In December 1942, he joined the army and was sent to the officers` school, but he fell into a ditch and broke his healing. He was declared unfit for service, demoted to private rank, and sent to a unit where the men awaited their release. They expected to be treated quickly, but that did not happen. They waited and waited, watched the war and waited for the Allied invasion. When the invasion of Normandy finally took place, many, if not most, of the young officers he trained with were killed on the beaches or in the fighting that immediately followed.

Jimmy grew up on the farm, sailed the bay and went to school at one-bedroom schools in Crystal Springs and Pleasant Beach. His older brother, John, was the island`s first contract bus driver. The Germans had trained young boys to become snipers and left them in trees or buildings to kill approaching Americans as their forces retreated. Often they were only twelve or thirteen years old. Jimmy`s siblings finished eighth grade at Island Schools and attended Queen Ann High School in Seattle. Jimmy was in first grade, attending the new Bainbridge Island High School every four years, graduating in 1928. He was part of the debate and track teams and was a Yell leader. He was also credited with suggesting the “Spartans” as the school`s mascots. According to classmate Haydon Callahan, the new school was stuck in a vote for mascots. Jimmy Munro jumped up and gave such a compelling speech that a majority of students changed their voices and the name Bainbridge SPARTANs was born. Crystal Springs Family Place circa 1910; detached house in the background; Munro Store in the foreground; Gibson`s Landing on the right. Jimmy was often referred to as “Mr.

Republican” in Kitsap County and was very popular. Although the area is a “lunch bucket” area, thousands of people were “crossing the aisle” and voting for Jimmy. He was a friendly and fun guy who always had a smile and a funny story to tell. He served as “master of ceremonies” for almost every lunch and dinner in the Kitsap area at one time or another. He devoted considerable time to civic functions and duties. He was a founding member of the Kitsap County Historical Society (life member) and has long been active in local veterans` organizations. It was an interesting time in Washington State. Workers` rights and trade unions, including university professors` unions, were hot topics.

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