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Good evening. I have a 50 Yamaha Aerox. This factory conduit without GPS distance ring measured nearly 70 km/h. This means that the manufacturer has already built the vehicle and the factory brake in such a way that everything is designed for this speed. (A 50cc scooter doesn`t come from the factory with a built-in spacer ring.) If I now do a 125 driver`s license, are you allowed to drive the scooter in road traffic if legally and registered? LG Benny Hello, I have the old Series 1 (motorcycle license) and since 1976 the old Series 3 (car). I have a 125cc scooter. This leads to about 80 km/h. In the registration certificate is under No. 5 – 2Räder.KR O. BW > light motorcycle 45 KM / h. Now I want to turn off the scooter so that it travels at about 100 km/h.

Is it then also allowed without an operating permit, as regards the note > 45 km/h, or is a modification (e.g. open CDI, removal of the disc in variomatic) allowed here? Thank you and best regards By removing the axial displacement limiters from the drive, you can also disable the accelerator. To do this, it is enough to unscrew the accelerator disc from smallpox. This allows the ascending disk to move wider and power transmission is optimized. If you put the throttle on the scooter/moped via the throttle stop, the throttle control on the handshake can be completely turned and therefore no longer locks after a while. The removal of the scooter is only legal if you have these structural changes approved, for example by an expert from TÜV, Dekra or another test center. Once the change has been entered into the vehicle documents, the set scooter can also be driven. With the new driving license regulation, you can also drive motorcycles up to 125cm3 with the car`s driving license after a few hours of practice and theory. I am over 25 years old and I have been riding a scooter for many years (Derbi Sports Variant, 49cm3, weight 106kg, 45km/h). Does it legally comply with the new regulations to strangle the scooter? I don`t need a 125cc machine. 50-60km/h is enough for me. Thank you! Hello, my scooter China (45 km/h) works with the standard throttle unfortunately only about 39 km/h depending on the speedometer, this one is widened it creates just over 50-52 km/h.

The latter should be after deduction of about 3 km/h (“according to the speedometer”) and another of about 3 km/h goodwill about in the still legal range. Now the question: is such a scooter illegal? Is driving without a license? On the one hand, the maximum speed is always taken into account and this actually falls within the scope of what is required. On the other hand, removing the throttle leads to non-design “manipulation”. Hi, I have a question about an electric moped I recently bought. The moped is limited to 45 km/h, so has a legal driver`s license and can be driven with my B driver`s license. This limitation is very easy (turn off a cable by clicking), which the previous owner had done. Now I reconnected the cable with pliers because I ride the moped to work every morning. So the moped should be registered and insured again, right? I plan to install a toggle switch to remove throttling in private bike parks. When would a chokehold lift device be illegal on the street? A second variant I had thought of was to install a display controller through which you can program the speed.

In other words, when I`m on the road, I can configure the controller so that the machine only travels at 45 km/h. Does that make the manipulation too easy to apply, so that even if I only drove 45, I can get into trouble with the police? In order to strangle the scooter, the throttle stop on the carburetor can be removed. If you remove or remove this accelerator on the scooter, the throttle handle may be completely twisted. If a stop of the accelerator is present, then, as the name suggests, the handle can only be turned up to a certain point and therefore only limited acceleration can be given. I have a generic supermoto racing 50cc ez 2016. How can you strangle them in the new models is namely no accelerator in the manifold, these are now electronically strangled. Unfortunately, I don`t know anything about this, can anyone help me? In both cases, it is possible to strangle the scooters so that they can reach a speed higher than 45 km/h. In this context, it is often said that preparers want to make the 50cc scooter faster. But how is this possible exactly? Another way to etter the scooter is to treat the intake manifold.

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